Hello, my name is Julli Karina, I am graduated in engineering. I live in the city of São Luís, state of Maranhão. I’m Brazilian. I am very happy to live here. You invited my testimony about prejudices experienced in my academic and professional experience. So come on …

I always liked to be very presentable and when I say my profession I already feel prejudice. When looking at how I present myself, they do not believe that I am a civil engineer, they always give me other, more representative professions for women, such as lawyer, doctor, dentist… I remember that I posted a photo on my social networks with all the personal protective equipment required on a construction, so I received a comment from a man: “Are you sure you are a civil engineer?” – I felt the contempt of his comment. It was as if I had no ability to be an Engineer. I wanted to answer that comment and put that man in his place. But I decided to ignore it, I simply deleted the comment and went on with my life, I tried not to be shaken, although I was sad that there are still people with this type of behavior.

In a company that I worked as an intern, I remember a fact: Some day tell me “that I was in the wrong profession, that my voice was thin, because to be an engineer I had to have a thick and authoritative voice, some day they would still see me in another profession, because I couldn’t stand being a civil engineer ”. The worst of it all, that who made that comment was a woman. Once again I decided to ignore it, this is not the professional I want to be. There is no need to shout, to be authoritarian, that we have earned people’s respect. And that perspective is the one I want to take my whole life with.

Engineering is still seen today as a predominantly male profession, but gradually the female participation in the courses has been increasing. The current young woman suffers since entering university where prejudice is very subtle and may go unnoticed, mostly coming in the form of harassment, as well as entering the world of work that occurs in a discriminatory manner marked by instinctive tendencies that women it does not have the necessary skills and competencies to enter this market, and is not seen as a professional capable of solving technical problems or performing heavy production services.

This scenario that I experience every day is changing, in women we are increasingly empowered, understanding our value, in addition to being willing to overcome the challenges imposed by this social model. It is through our dedication, effort and hard work that our challenges will be achieved. A woman’s place is where she wants it. DON’T GIVE UP GIRLS, the world is ours.

Julli Karina, 24 years, Civil Engineering…

Instagram: jullikarina.eng.civil

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