Becoming an EIT

In order to become a professional engineer there is certain licensing you must take. They offer a test called the PE (professional engineering exam) in pretty much every discipline; however, most disciplines won’t take it or won’t require it to move up. In civil engineering it is pretty much required everywhere that you take it.

Choosing a Grad School and Program

Last week I mentioned that I had a few choices with how to handle grad school. Two of those were-stay at ERAU for 1 year and do an accelerated program or go to VT and take 2 years for my degree. Civil engineering has a ton of disciplines within it which is usually the reason

School #4

School #4 is my current school where I am a graduate student. Once I got my footing at school #3 and I regained my confidence I decided to start thinking about graduate school again. Civil engineering is a very broad field. In undergrad alone you take classes in 6 different tracks-transportation, environmental. construction/construction management, structural,

School # 3

School #3…School #3 was a crazy and amazing experience all wrapped into one. So how did I wind up at school #3 1200 miles from home? While at school #2 I had a friend who LOVED Disney. Him and his then girlfriend took a trip down there to go to the parks and decided to

1 Million Women in Science

I am so honored to be featured as one of the “1 Million Women in Science.” This initiative is trying to give the next generation of girls visible role models witihin science. You can read my interview below or by going to this link. While you’re there don’t forget to check out all the other

School # 2

So after 2.5 years at school #1 I transferred to school #2…community college. At first I was so so ashamed to be going to community college. My high school looked down on community college a lot so it had always had a stigma associated with it in my head. I wanted out of there as

School # 1

As I mentioned in my last post I was really pressured into going there. From the start there were a lot of red flags I should’ve seen and jumped boat much sooner. But hindsight is a wonderful thing… Here’s some background before I share my personal story: The school had offered free tuition since it

Time to Apply

When it came time to apply to college I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to study. But I was told that with how competitive engineering was you should apply to 18-25 schools. In hindsight that probably wasn’t necessary. I applied to a ton of safety and match schools and applied

Where It All Began…

How did I wind up being an engineer? Most engineers you meet have a parent who is an engineer or at least have a science background. I did not have that. In fact I grew up in a house with 4 girls. We had tons of Barbies, dress up clothes, a toy kitchen, and a

About Me!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily. I am a Civil Engineer currently working towards my MS and PhD in Civil Engineering focusing on Transportation Systems Engineering. I had a unique experience getting here which included 4 colleges, 6 years, and lots of drama to say the least. My journey through undergrad was not simple or