How did I wind up being an engineer?

Most engineers you meet have a parent who is an engineer or at least have a science background. I did not have that. In fact I grew up in a house with 4 girls. We had tons of Barbies, dress up clothes, a toy kitchen, and a few Matchbox cars but nothing very “boy” like that screams “I’m going to grow up to be an engineer!”

At graduation last May my mom even said “You were my last child I would expect to become an engineer growing up. You were always running around in a pink tutu. Given you were under my dining room table trying to take it apart in a pink tutu so maybe that should’ve been a hint.”

I always leaned towards math in school even from early elementary school. I would hate English class and History class. So when I got to high school and math clubs and math fair was offered to me I naturally was pulled towards them.

Around the end of freshman year of high school a family friend said she knew I was good at math and science so I should consider being an engineer. I wound up partaking in the ACE Mentor program. During that program I fell in love with Civil Engineering. I came out of it thinking I would build skyscrapers and nothing else (the joke was on me because I still don’t know how I passed structures.) But thus my journey into engineering began.