I have been gone for months now and left you all hanging with minimal explanation. Well a lot has happened since my last blog post and my husband yelled at my yesterday to get back to blogging because I was enjoying it so much beforehand.

Yes, that’s right I said husband. In addition to buying a house, going to school full time, being on fellowship/writing a thesis, and interning over the summer I got engaged and married in all of 60 days time. It was truly a crazy summer and it feels like it was just yesterday and now its week 9 of the semester already. Planning a wedding during grad school was a crazy experience and a story for another time.

Going through grad school under normal circumstances is hard but doing so during a pandemic is even harder. It really got the best of me the past few months and I feel like I have finally gotten back on track with everything.

I truly did miss blogging and I cannot wait to jump back into it again and share what I have learned the last few months. A few topics I want to cover soon include-

  1. What to do when you run into an unprofessional coworker during your internship
  2. What it is like planning a wedding…in 60 days…while in grad school…during a pandemic
  3. What to do when you’re adviser tells you you’re failing (figuratively not literally)
  4. How to take your significant other into the equation when choosing a graduate school
  5. Graduate school while dealing with a chronic illness (and being tested for and diagnosed with a second one)

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