When it came time to apply to college I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to study. But I was told that with how competitive engineering was you should apply to 18-25 schools. In hindsight that probably wasn’t necessary. I applied to a ton of safety and match schools and applied to about 5 reach schools. But I did what I thought was necessary to get into a top program with money. My family did not have a ton of money to send me to a private school without scholarship (and we didn’t apply for any federal or state aid.)

Everyone in my high school and family knew where I was set on going. So that Saturday in March when I got my acceptance it was obvious that no other schools mattered. Tuesday morning I told my parents on the way out the door to go to school that we had to put down my deposit that night when I got home so I could get my housing choice and the roommate I had planned on.

Then during study hall that day I got a tweet from one of my reach schools telling my to check my email. I did and had been accepted and had a scholarship that would cover all but $500 of my tuition. No one from my high school had ever been accepted to this school before so it was a pretty big deal. Everyone wanted me to go there. My parents saw it from a price standpoint because I wouldn’t need loans to go there. My high school saw it as something they could brag about. My friends saw it as me being closer to where they would go to school. So I gave in and went there….

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