So after 2.5 years at school #1 I transferred to school #2…community college. At first I was so so ashamed to be going to community college. My high school looked down on community college a lot so it had always had a stigma associated with it in my head. I wanted out of there as fast as possible.

Community college ended up being the best year of my college career in some ways. It helped me regain my confidence which had been totally shattered at my first school. I had some AMAZING engineering professors. They really cared about their students (unlike school # 1) and would make time for us.

My one professor there once told us that he works at a community college because we’re the kids that actually work hard for our grades and don’t feel entitled to grades or a degree like students at a 4-year school do. A lot of kids (not all) at school # 1 had that entitled attitude and it drove me crazy!!

I stayed at community college for one year. I also took classes during that summer and the summer while at school # 3 and working at in internship. The summers were definitely long days. They were always 4 credit classes so we were there 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, for 5 weeks for each class. It was a lot on top of the hour plus commute to and from work and the work day but I made it work because I was determined to graduate ASAP.

If I hadn’t gone to community college I never would’ve met my friend who was the one who convinced me to apply to school # 3. (and in turn never would’ve met my boyfriend who I met there.) So all in all I’d say community college was great. Honestly, now I always say I wish I would’ve gone there for my first 2 years and got all of my pre-reqs out of the way first and then transferred to a 4-year school.

So if you’re considering community college or its your only option. GO FOR IT! I promise it is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Yes, living at home longer may suck but at least you still have mom to cook for you and its sooo much cheaper too 😉

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