Meet Julli

Hello, my name is Julli Karina, I am graduated in engineering. I live in the city of São Luís, state of Maranhão. I’m Brazilian. I am very happy to live here. You invited my testimony about prejudices experienced in my academic and professional experience. So come on … I always liked to be very presentable

Where have I been….

I have been gone for months now and left you all hanging with minimal explanation. Well a lot has happened since my last blog post and my husband yelled at my yesterday to get back to blogging because I was enjoying it so much beforehand. Yes, that’s right I said husband. In addition to buying

Meet Pamela

I’m going to preface this by saying these 2 stories are not the worst cases of discrimination ever to have been reported. They are easily not even top 10. I’ve been lucky enough to have never experienced discrimination in the form of being told that the field of engineering wasn’t for girls. These 2 stories

Becoming an EIT

In order to become a professional engineer there is certain licensing you must take. They offer a test called the PE (professional engineering exam) in pretty much every discipline; however, most disciplines won’t take it or won’t require it to move up. In civil engineering it is pretty much required everywhere that you take it.

Choosing a Grad School and Program

Last week I mentioned that I had a few choices with how to handle grad school. Two of those were-stay at ERAU for 1 year and do an accelerated program or go to VT and take 2 years for my degree. Civil engineering has a ton of disciplines within it which is usually the reason

Meet Karina

My Story of Gender Identity and Empowerment in Engineering I noticed the gap as early as middle school, when I took my first Robotics class. But I didn’t feel or realize it until high-school, when I was one of 6 girls in a class of 25 boys. It felt like gym class; where a girl

School #4

School #4 is my current school where I am a graduate student. Once I got my footing at school #3 and I regained my confidence I decided to start thinking about graduate school again. Civil engineering is a very broad field. In undergrad alone you take classes in 6 different tracks-transportation, environmental. construction/construction management, structural,

Meet Vanessa

When a girl enters the classroom wearing heels and a dress, she is initially questioned by the professor or other students whether she is in the correct classroom. Is this girly girl smart enough to be in this class? Should we take this girl seriously? She is probably going to drop out of this class

School # 3

School #3…School #3 was a crazy and amazing experience all wrapped into one. So how did I wind up at school #3 1200 miles from home? While at school #2 I had a friend who LOVED Disney. Him and his then girlfriend took a trip down there to go to the parks and decided to